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An Online Home Workout

Welcome to MileyFitness.com where you will find expert designed online home workouts, online home workout videos, healthy recipes, health and fitness articles, fitness tips, tools, a video exercise glossary and much more!
Once you Join the Club you will be able to access all of the online home workout videos including the Miley Fitness Challenge and The Body Weight Workout. All of our online home workouts are 30 days in length and designed by ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer Blake Miley. The online home workout programs are created to give you a great workout in less than 30 minutes a day 4-5 days a week.
We here at Miley Fitness would like you to think of us as your own personal gym, where you can workout in the convenience of your home, office or really anywhere you want. Our goal is to create the best site that we can for our members, and make sure they reach their health and fitness goals.
The Miley Fitness team is always striving to create the newest and best content that we can for our members and our followers from the general public. For more information on becoming a member of the Miley Fitness Club, and how you can start working out from home go to our Join the Club Page.
Miley Fitness also offers corporate memberships for businesses, school systems and other organizations. For more information on what Miley Fitness can do for your business go to our Corporate Membership Page.
Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have, and once again welcome to MileyFitness.com the future of fitness! Together we can start moving toward a healthier life!
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"The secret of getting ahead is getting started". - Mark Twain
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